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Life is filled with risks. We never know when something could happen that might disrupt our lives and our finances, too—if we don’t plan ahead.

From accidents to medical issues, natural disasters, property theft, and many other situations, the risks we face every day have the potential to cost us a lot of money, unless we’re protected with insurance coverage.

When we need help finding the right insurance, we can turn to Insurance Brokers. Unlike insurance agents, Insurance Brokers can be more objective because they don’t work for any specific insurance company. As PeopleKeep explains, “They’re under no contract, so they can solicit price quotes from multiple insurers.”

Thus, Insurance Brokers can fully represent their client’s best interests, comparing and explaining plans from multiple companies to get the best deal. 

경력의 보람있는 측면
  • Helping clients find the right insurance coverage for their needs, at a price in their budget
  • Educating clients about complex insurance options so they understand what they are buying
  • Building lasting relationships and helping families when they have claims 
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직무 책임

근무 일정

  • Insurance Brokers usually work full-time in traditional office settings, though travel may be necessary to meet clients.

일반적인 의무

  • Meet and consult with clients to understand their specific insurance needs and financial objectives
  • Offer suggestions that clients may not have considered
  • Analyze a range of insurance policies to find the best options for clients
  • Provide expert advice on various insurance products, including life, health, and property insurance
  • Explain the details of the various policies, including ways to customize them
  • Negotiate with insurance providers on behalf of clients
  • Get client policies approved through the insurance underwriting process
  • Note, that underwriting is the process of evaluating the risk of insuring a person or asset, determining coverage terms, and setting premiums
  • Obtain a binder (a written or verbal commitment of insurance coverage) from the insurance company or an authorized agent; or turn over the client’s account to the insurance company
  • Assist clients when they need to file a claim
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with insurance carriers
  • Manage client portfolios and policy renewals

추가 책임

  • Stay updated on insurance products, as well as industry changes and regulations
  • Develop marketing strategies to attract new clients
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal insurance regulations
  • Offer personalized service to ensure client satisfaction
직업에 필요한 기술

소프트 스킬

  • 독립적으로 일할 수있는 능력
  • 분석
  • 세부 사항에주의
  • 압박감 속에서 진정
  • 협력
  • 고객 서비스
  • 공감
  • 지도력
  • 조직적
  • 협상
  • 네트워킹
  • 목표
  • 문제 해결
  • 관계 구축
  • 능동적 인 듣기를 포함한 강력한 의사 소통 기술

기술 능력

  • Calendar/scheduling programs
  • 고객 관계 관리
  • 재무 분석 소프트웨어
  • General office programs (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software)
  • Insurance analysis software
  • Insurance laws and regulations
  • Insurance rating software
  • Insurance underwriting processes and programs
  • Risk assessment and financial planning
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Videoconferencing 
다양한 유형의 조직
  • Independent brokerage firms
  • Insurance companies with brokerage divisions
  • Self-employed independent consultants
기대와 희생

Insurance Brokers must continuously update their knowledge of insurance products and ever-changing regulations. This requires dedicating hours to study and professional development to stay competitive and compliant, and that time isn’t usually compensated.

The job may also demand being on call to meet client needs, which is sometimes necessary to maintain a client base in today’s competitive markets. Insurance Brokers often face rejection and must navigate the stresses of fluctuating income due to the commission-based nature of their work.

현재 동향

Technology continues to be a major influence in this industry. Insurance Brokers are adapting by integrating digital tools like customer relationship management systems and online comparison tools for faster service. In addition, brokers are personalizing insurance offerings using data analytics. They’re also navigating new regulations with compliance software and focusing on growing niches like cyber insurance!

The impact of climate change has increased demand for policies covering natural disasters. Additionally, the rise of telehealth services is being incorporated into health insurance policies, reflecting a positive shift towards digital healthcare solutions.

이 직업에 종사하는 사람들은 어렸을 때 어떤 종류의 일을 즐겼습니까?

Individuals drawn to this career field often exhibited a knack for problem-solving and analytical thinking from a young age, enjoying activities like puzzles and strategy games. They may have liked helping and advising others and could have had early involvement in debate clubs or sales activities—which honed their communication and persuasion skills!

교육 및 훈련 필요
  • A college degree isn’t always required, but many employers look for candidates with a degree in finance, business, or a related field
  • Some students simply enroll in an insurance licensing program via an online program, local community college, or university
  • There’s also the option to apply for an internship at a local firm. Interns who do very well may have job opportunities awaiting them, though employers may still have them take specific pre-licensure courses
  • Common college course topics include:
  1. 회계
  2. Business Law
  3. 커뮤니케이션
  4. Economics
  5. Ethics in Insurance
  6. Finance and Financial Management
  7. Life and Health Insurance
  8. Principles of Insurance
  9. Property and Casualty Insurance
  10. 위험 관리
  11. 영업 및 마케팅
  12. Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Many duties are learned on the job, along with learning details about specific products, processes, and policies
  • State-specific licensing is necessary and usually involves enrolling in pre-licensing courses before taking and passing a state exam
  • The National Insurance Producer Registry makes licensure applications and renewals easier, especially for those who sell in multiple states and need a non-resident license
  • Licensure requirements also vary by the type of insurance being sold
  1. For example, a Property and Casualty License allows brokers to sell a wide range of insurance policies, such as auto, home, and business insurance
  2. A Life, Health, and Accident License lets brokers sell life and health insurance policies, including annuities and disability insurance
  3. Those selling financial products must be licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • To qualify for a license, Insurance Brokers must be at least 18 years old. In addition, they typically need to pass a background check, not owe any past due child support or taxes, and not have any fraud or felony charges
  • Continuing education is a must to keep up with changing programs and laws, and is necessary to renew licensure
  • Courses needed for licensure renewal may be related to various insurance laws, consumer rights, or ethics, among other topics
  • 선택적 인증에는 다음이 포함됩니다.
  1. American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries - Certified Pension Consultant
  2. Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification - Certification in Long-Term Care
  3. Global Association of Risk Professionals - Certified Financial Risk Manager
  4. LOMA - Fellow, Life Management Institute
  5. National Association of Plan Advisors - Qualified Plan Financial Consultant
  6. The Institutes - Associate in Personal Insurance, Associate in Insurance Services, Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding, and more
  7. The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research - Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified Insurance Service Representative, or Certified Risk Manager
대학에서 찾아야 할 것들
  • A college degree isn’t required for this field, but finance and business degrees are popular options for those seeking bachelor’s degrees
  • 수업료, 할인 및 지역 장학금 기회 비용을 고려하십시오 (연방 지원 이외에)
  • 캠퍼스 내, 온라인 또는 하이브리드 프로그램에 등록할지 여부를 결정할 때 일정과 유연성에 대해 생각하십시오.
  • Note, that some training programs may have connections with local employers!
고등학교와 대학에서해야 할 일
  • Good high school courses to focus on include math, accounting, speech, debate, English composition, business, marketing, and business communications
  • Search the web for suitable training programs that fit your needs. Many community colleges and universities feature relevant programs, but you can also find reputable online options to study from home at your own pace
  • It’s easy to gain sales and customer service skills via any number of customer-facing part-time jobs
  • Ask local Insurance Brokers or agents about volunteering, shadowing them, or internship opportunities
  • Decide if there is a particular type of insurance you want to specialize in, such as:
  1. Accident insurance
  2. Auto insurance
  3. Business loss of income
  4. Casualty insurance
  5. Commercial inventory insurance
  6. Disability insurance
  7. Health insurance
  8. Homeowner/commercial insurance
  9. Life insurance
  10. Travel Insurance
  • Start a draft resume early to keep track of the education and experience you acquire
Insurance Broker Roadmap
Insurance Broker Roadmap
1차 직장에 도착하는 방법
  • Knock out the applicable training you’ll need to qualify for the job you want
  • Talk to your program advisor. Some schools have connections with companies looking to hire new talent
  • Gain experience through internships or entry-level positions in the insurance or financial services industries
  • Obtain the necessary licensing for your state
  • Indeed 및 Glassdoor와 같은 전통적인 고용 포털을 스캔하고 Craigslist와 같은 사이트에서 더 작은 지역 기회를 찾으십시오.
  • Consider earning a certification to stand out to employers
  • Reach out to everyone you know who might have a lead on a job, including teachers and classmates
  • Contact local insurance brokerages or companies to see if they’re hiring!
  • If planning to launch your own business, obtain a business license in your state, as needed
  • Check out Insurance Broker resume templates and sample interview questions (such as “What information do you collect from clients before searching for an insurance policy?”)
  • Use dollar figures when possible, and pepper your resume with applicable keywords such as:
  1. Claims Handling
  2. Client Acquisition
  3. Customer Service Excellence
  4. Insurance Products Knowledge
  5. Market Analysis
  6. Policy Customization
  7. Regulatory Compliance
  8. Risk Assessment
  9. Sales Strategy
  10. Underwriting
  • Be enthusiastic and confident during interviews, know the terminology, and, of course, dress for interview success!
  • Remember that many employers looking to hire new brokers will place a lot of value on your “trainability.” In other words, they don’t expect you to know everything already, but they want to see that you’re eager and willing to learn
사다리를 오르는 법
  • Talk to your employer or supervisor about career advancement. If necessary, consider switching employers if it’s the only way to move up
  • Think about launching your own brokerage or independent consultant business
  • Customer service is crucial to success in this profession. That includes knowing what your clients value the most. Some clients are looking more for savings; others just want highly personalized policies
  • Earn your clients’ trust and establish a solid professional reputation as early as you can to get repeat business
  • If you don’t have a degree, consider earning one or strengthening your credentials by pursuing optional certifications such as:
  1. The Institutes - Associate in Personal Insurance, Associate in Insurance Services, Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding, and more
  2. The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research - Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified Insurance Service Representative, or Certified Risk Manager
  • Become proficient in all the applicable software programs and systems
  • Stay up-to-date on changes impacting the industry
  • Keep growing your network of colleagues at insurance agencies
  • Mentor other Insurance Brokers and get involved with professional 
    organizations (see our list of website resources below), workshops, and other events
권장 도구/리소스


  • How To Be A Super Insurance Broker: A Complete Commercial Insurance Training Guide, by Satvinder Breeze
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified: The Ultimate How to Insurance Guide for Agents, Brokers, Underwriters, and Adjusters, by Christopher J. Boggs, George Jack, et al.
  • The Commercial Insurance Broker Playbook: If It Was Easy, Anybody Could Do It, by Stephen P. Heinen 
계획 B

Insurance Brokers can make a good living, but it takes a lot of hustle to find leads plus a strong commitment to continuous learning. In addition, many consumers these days forego dealing with brokers and turn to online policy comparison tools and agencies. If you’re curious about some related occupations, consider the list below!

  • 광고 판매 에이전트
  • Credit Authorizer
  • 신용 상담사
  • 고객 서비스 담당자
  • Financial and Investment Analyst
  • Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • 대출 담당자
  • 개인 재무 설계사
  • Real Estate Broker and Sales Agent
  • 영업 관리자
  • 증권, 상품 및 금융 서비스 판매 대리점
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative

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