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International Sales Manager, Global Account Manager, Export Coordinator, International Trade Specialist, International Marketing Manager, Foreign Market Analyst, Export Compliance Officer, International Trade Consultant

작업 설명

Ever heard the term Gross Domestic Product or GDP? GDP is the total value of everything a country produces in a year. Almost 11% of America’s entire GDP comes from exports—goods and services we sell to other countries!

Export Sales Representatives are a vital part of that sales process. They serve as the bridge between manufacturers and overseas buyers, ensuring that products made in America find their way into global markets. It’s a dynamic career that combines the thrill of sales, the fun of travel, and the art of international diplomacy. 

If you have a flair for communication, a knack for negotiations, and a curiosity about global markets, this might be the perfect career field for you! 

경력의 보람있는 측면
  • Exploring new countries and cultures
  • Creating relationships with international clients and partners
  • Mastering negotiation skills, understanding global markets, and contributing to a company’s international success
2022년 채용 정보
2032년 예상 고용
인사이드 스쿱
직무 책임

근무 일정

  • Export Sales Representatives work full-time with frequent travel required, causing them to be away from home some nights, weekends, or holidays. 

일반적인 의무

  • 판매 할 다양한 제품 / 서비스에 대한 모든 세부 정보를 알아보십시오.
  • Understand and try to meet sales quotas
  • Find prospective customers by using business listings and references
  • Attend international trade fairs and conventions to gain exposure 
  • Participate in membership organizations to network and generate leads
  • Connect with clients and prospects to gauge their requirements 
  • Schedule product or service demonstrations. Explain features and benefits
  • 잠재적 구매자 및 기타 이해 관계자에게 기술 프레젠테이션 제공
  • Share product samples and brochures 
  • Address inquiries about products, costs, stock, and payment options
  • Assist clients in choosing products that align with their needs. Discuss customization of products/services when applicable 
  • Provide price estimates, contract conditions, information about guarantees, warranties, and discounts or promotions. Negotiate prices, terms, and conditions
  • Offer estimated delivery dates and times
  • Draft sales agreements and order documents. Finalize contract specifics and payment arrangements
  • Gather and review credit data on potential clients
  • Prepare and forward sales agreements to applicable departments for further action
  • Send orders to production companies, or buy goods from producers or brokers and distribute to wholesale and retail customers
  • Coordinate with logistics and shipping teams to ensure timely, compliant deliveries and setup
  • Prepare shipping documents (if requested by customs department)
  • Engage with clients post-sale to offer follow-up support and address any concerns
  • Offer advice to retailers about product placement and marketing ideas

추가 책임

  • 이메일, 웹 사이트 문의 양식 및 전화 통화에 응답 
  • Utilize customer relationship management tools  
  • Stay in touch with existing customers to promote and market new items or renew orders. Ensure customers have copies of catalogs or samples
  • Train other sales reps
  • Maintain records of travel and expenses; submit vouchers for reimbursement 
  • Keep travel documentation updated, such as passport and visas
  • Keep up-to-date on market trends, new products, competitor offerings, and pricing. Share and discuss insights with peers regarding sales techniques 
  • Stay informed about international regulations and restrictions
  • Manage records, sales reports, and expense tracking
  • Monitor inventory levels and reorder products, if needed
  • Help to resolve customs-related issues, and ensure products meet the regulatory standards of the importing country
  • Collaborate with finance departments to manage foreign currency transactions
  • Assess current challenges and look for new opportunities in overseas markets
직업에 필요한 기술

소프트 스킬

  • 정밀
  • 능동적 인 듣기
  • 분석 
  • 세부 사항에주의
  • 비즈니스 통찰력
  • 의사소통 기술
  • 자신 
  • 고객 서비스 
  • 결단 력
  • 디테일 지향
  • 이메일 및 전화 에티켓 
  • 감성 지능
  • 공감
  • 융통성 
  • 독립의 
  • 무결성
  • 대인 관계 기술
  • 동기
  • 끈기
  • 고집 
  • 설득력 
  • 문제 해결 능력
  • 스토리 텔 링
  • 팀워크

기술 능력

  • Knowledge of software programs for:
  1. 회계
  2. Business intelligence
  3. 일정
  4. Cloud-based management
  5. 고객 관계 관리
  6. 데이터베이스 관리
  7. Datamining
  8. 엔터프라이즈 자원 계획
  9. 재무 분석
  10. Presentations
  11. 프로젝트 관리
  12. Sales and marketing
  13. 스프레드시트
  14. Trade management 
  15. Transaction security
  16. Travel arrangements 
  17. Videoconferencing 
  • 판매되는 제품 및 서비스에 대한 기술적 전문성
  • Understanding of product compliance with foreign standards
  • Ability to analyze international market trends
  • Familiarity with international trade regulations, tariff codes, and customs procedures
  • Knowledge of export documentation and shipping logistics
  • Understanding of currency exchange and international banking practices
  • Fluency in target country languages
다양한 유형의 조직
  • Agriculture and food producers
  • Apparel and fashion brands
  • Commodity traders
  • Exporting houses
  • 제조 회사
  • Multinational corporations 
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Technology firms
  • Trading companies
  • Wholesale distributors
기대와 희생

Export Sales Representatives often travel to different countries, where they must know how to properly engage with the local cultures and customs. They must navigate language barriers, manage time zone differences for meetings, and adhere to international regulations, all while hitting sales targets in foreign markets. 

Sometimes the financial stakes are high and there can be a lot of pressure from employers for sales reps to close deals. Meanwhile, irregular work hours can cause hardships for workers with families, making it tough to maintain a balanced work-life equilibrium. In addition, the frequent travel routine requires workers to adapt to diverse climates and manage health risks, as well. 

현재 동향

Exports are a major part of our economy, with America’s top exports including items such as machinery (including computers), aircraft, vehicles, electrical equipment, medical apparatus, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, cereals, oil seeds, meat, and cotton, among others.

These days companies in virtually every industry are selling to global customers. Even small businesses can tap into worldwide markets, especially thanks to the convenience of online shopping. 

Many exporters are striving to ensure that international workers are being treated better, requiring fair standards and practices as part of any trade agreements. Some deals, like the USMCA in North America, make trading simpler and help local economies. However, any international trade comes with its share of supporters and critics. 

이 직업에 종사하는 사람들은 어렸을 때 어떤 종류의 일을 즐겼습니까?

Salespersons in general often love to talk, share ideas, and collaborate with others to get things done. Export Sales Reps may have been keen to travel and curious about other countries and cultures. They might have also had an independent streak, wanting to find a job where they had some freedom and were entrusted to work without being micromanaged.

교육 및 훈련 필요
  • Export Sales Representatives need at least a high school diploma or equivalent
  • The majority of reps have a bachelor’s or, in some cases, a master’s degree
  1. Those selling nontechnical or nonscientific products may not need a degree, but a bachelor’s in business, international business, marketing, accounting, or a related area can enhance prospects
  2. Representatives selling scientific and technical products usually need a related bachelor’s
  3. Large multinational corporations may prefer or require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s
  • 일반적인 학부 과정에는 다음이 포함됩니다:
  1. Cross-cultural communication
  2. Emerging markets and business strategies
  3. Foreign exchange 
  4. Global marketing strategies
  5. Global supply chain management
  6. International business law and ethics
  7. International business negotiations
  8. International economics
  9. International risk management
  10. International trade and policy
  • Some companies offer formal training programs featuring technical instruction followed by supervised on-the-job training 
  • Certifications include:
  1. International Trade Certification

     - Certified Exporter
     - Certified International Trade Documentation Specialist
     - Certified International Trade Manager    
     - Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist
     - Certified International Trade Professional
     - Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer

  1. Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation - Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative and Certified Sales Professional
  2. Institute of Hazardous Materials Management - Certified Dangerous Goods Professional
대학에서 찾아야 할 것들
  • Look for accredited colleges offering majors in business, international business, marketing, or accounting. 
  1. If planning to sell technical products or services, you may need a degree in an applicable field
  2. Engineering college programs should be accredited by ABET
  • 인턴십 또는 실무 경험을 쌓을 수 있는 기회를 제공하는 프로그램을 찾아보세요. 
  • Check out their current research and research facilities
  • 수업료 및 수수료 비용 비교, 주 내 비용과 타주 비용에 유의하세요.
  • 장학금 및 재정 지원 옵션 검토
  • 졸업생 졸업 및 취업 통계 확인하기 
고등학교와 대학에서해야 할 일
  • In high school, you’ll need to master a lot of subjects, including business, international business, marketing, economics, and social sciences
  • To hone your sales skills, take English, writing, speech, debate, and foreign languages
  • If planning to sell technical products, sign up for plenty of math, science, engineering, and technology courses in high school
  • Try to pin down what regions or export products/services you’re interested in!
  • Apply for part-time sales-related jobs, especially if they have export departments
  • 휴대 전화 에티켓과 설득력을 연마하십시오. 
  • Volunteer to serve on school committees. Help with extracurricular activities, with a focus on roles that offer leadership and management experiences
  • Take online courses via edX or Udemy to polish up your sales and marketing skills 
  • 몇 개의 제조업체에 전화하여 하루 동안 영업 사원을 섀도잉할 수 있는지 물어보십시오.
  • Read academic articles and watch documentary videos related to international business and trade
  • Familiarize yourself with current global events and trade developments
  • Participate in relevant online forums and discussion groups
  • 이력서 및/또는 대학 지원에 대한 모든 업무 및 학업 성취도를 추적하십시오. 
  • 전문 조직에 가입하여 네트워크를 형성하고, 배우고, 즐기십시오!
일반적인 로드맵
Export Sales Representative Roadmap
1차 직장에 도착하는 방법
  • 인디드닷컴, 글래스도어, 집리크루터, USAJOBS 등의 구직 포털을 검색하세요.
  • If you don’t have much sales experience, you might want to focus on landing a sales job or an internship first
  • Know the sales lingo and best practices for finding leads, negotiating good deals, closing deals, and maintaining strong customer relationships
  • LinkedIn 및 기타 네트워킹 플랫폼에서 프로필 만들기
  • Review job ads and look for keywords to list on your resume. Also cite quantifiable results (such as total dollar amounts of products sold), when possible 
  • 전문 네트워크에 연결 상태를 유지하고 예정된 채용 공고에 대한 리드를 요청하십시오.
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest developments related to the product or service type you want to sell
  • 이전 교수 및 감독자에게 추천서를 작성하도록 요청하거나 참고인으로 등재하기 위해 사전에 동의를 구하십시오.
  • 잠재적 고용주에 대해 조사하십시오. 그들이 제조하거나 판매하는 제품과 서비스의 종류와 타겟 구매자가 누구인지 알아보십시오.
  • 인터뷰 중에 업계 동향에 대한 예리한 인식을 보여줍니다.
  • Review Export Sales Representative resume templates and sample interview questions  
  • 친구 또는 학교 커리어 센터와 함께 모의 면접을 진행하세요. 
  • Dress appropriately for job interviews
사다리를 오르는 법
  • The best way for a sales rep to move up is to make sales! When you’re making money for your employer, they notice!
  • Consistently find great leads, negotiate great deals—and close as many high-paying sales as you can. Try to exceed your quotas
  • Keep in mind, many sales jobs pay a salary plus commission, i.e. “money a salesperson earns based on the number of sales they have made.”
  • Commissions are a major financial incentive used to motivate sales reps and reward them for great jobs. So “climbing up the ladder” doesn’t have to mean “getting a promotion”—it could mean bringing in bigger commissions and getting a chance to sell to larger clients
  • Let your supervisor know you are interested in advancement. Offer to take the lead on tough projects or trips that maybe other sales reps don’t want to go on
  • Knock out additional education and training to improve your ability to make sales
  • 판매하는 품목에 대한 제조업체별 인증이 있으면 받으십시오!
  • If you focus on a particular country, learn the language!
  • Watch or listen to demos to stay fresh 
  • 모든 사람을 존중하고, 정시에 프레젠테이션을 잘 준비하고, 솔루션을 제공하고, 장기적인 고객 관계를 유지하는 데 집중하십시오.
  • 전문 네트워크를 계속 성장시키고 주요 구매자와 깊은 관계를 맺으십시오.
  • 전문 엔지니어링 조직에서 활발히 활동하고, 컨퍼런스 및 워크샵에 참석하고, 강의를 제안하십시오.
  • 규정 변경에 대한 최신 정보를 파악하여 조직이 항상 규정을 준수할 수 있도록 하세요.
계획 B

The job of an Export Sales Representative can be rewarding in many ways, but it’s also demanding. For some, the travel schedule simply isn’t suited to their lifestyle. If you’re interested in exploring some related occupations, check out the suggestions below! 

  • 광고 판매 에이전트
  • 고객 서비스 담당자
  • 보험 판매 대리점
  • 홍보 전문가
  • 구매 관리자, 구매자 및 구매 대리인
  • Real Estate Broker and Sales Agent
  • Retail Sales Worker
  • 영업 엔지니어
  • 영업 관리자
  • 증권, 상품 및 금융 서비스 판매 대리점
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative

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